Saturday, February 18, 2006

Corrections from Molly: Nipping rumors in the bud

From Molly Janczyk, February 17, 2006

It was not said that Robt. Davis of OEA said the items mentioned re: teachers on SS, Health Care Savings Accounts, stopping the 35 yr rule, etc. at the Assoc. Meeting mentioned in STRS minutes. The Active OEA attendee was saying he was there and these things were mentioned as being talked about by some STRS Board members. ALL THE ABOVE ARE UNTRUE AND THERE IS NO TALK BY OR HEARD BY ANY BOARD MEMBERS of any of these items according to Leone and Buser and Damon and attendees at Board Meetings.

Perhaps Robt Davis can shed some light on this. Conni Ramser, STRS Board Member and OEA Active 2006 Endorsee along with Mark Meuser for the STRS Board Seats , said she would speak to Robt. about this for clarification.

The 35 yr rule was merely looked at to see its impact and found to do as it was anticipated to do and helped all-actives and retirees. NO ONE wants it rolled back or stopped. Board Member Buser was the one who wanted to see its impact with a study in STRS' attempt to look at all areas. He approves it and would vote for it if it were up for vote today. HE WANTED ME TO PASS THAT ON TO EASE CONCERNS. The issue is dropped. Rest assured.

The concern is that rumors still exist at OEA Assoc. Meetings and we feel it is detrimental for collaborative efforts to focus and work on HC. Please stop the rumors and let's move on because that is all they are: rumors and untrue.
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