Thursday, May 10, 2007

Could AG Dann be eyeballing the pillmakers? Cross your fingers!

Dann talks drugs
Posted by Mark Naymik
May 10, 2007
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann wants to learn more about battling the pharmaceutical industry, which is coming under the increasing scrutiny of attorneys general for its unfair marketing, labeling and pricing practices, among other things.
Dann, who's trying to build an image around consumer advocacy, is scheduled to attend an invitation-only seminar on the subject this week in New York sponsored by the National State Attorney General Program at Columbia Law school. He'll moderate one session.
Asked if Dann is looking to make the drug industry the next tobacco industry -- which has had to fork out billions to states because of the harmful effects of its products -- a spokeswoman for Dann said the conference is just part of his mission.
"It doesn't matter if it's securities fraud, companies endangering our environment, or pharmaceutical companies abusing consumer rights," Michelle Gatchell said. "If we believe that legal action is warranted, we are going to take it."
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