Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Peter Bronson responds to Tom Curtis re: Competition Makes Better Mouse Trap

From Peter Bronson, May 29, 2007
Thanks for the note. No, I don’t understand public school funding as well as people who work in the system, but I have been covering education in Ohio for 15 years, so I do know something about it, and my commentary is not uninformed, it just presents an opinion contrary to yours, apparently. The motives of people who support choice are not originating from greed or contributions – they believe as I do that it is about time that public schoiols were forced to compete and held to more accountability. Some charter schools have failed – but overall, studies show they do as well or better than public schools at far less cost (70 percent of funding and no capital support from the state). As I said, the competition has been healthy, and it has improved public schools in other places where it has had more time to work.
Best wishes,
Peter Bronson
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