Monday, July 30, 2007

John Curry reviews 'Sicko' -- a powerful message some may have missed

From John Curry, July 30, 2007

I viewed Sicko this evening. In a word...."moving." Probably the most moving part was one probably not one thought about by most viewers. You see, the 911 EMT's and Firemen whose insurance companies chose to refuse to cover were not those of the paid rescue services and fire departments of NYC...they were volunteers from neighboring squads and FD's who "volunteered" their services to help with the treatment of others and body recoveries of the 911 disaster. Since they volunteered their services...the healthcare insurance companies found it in their "compassion" to refuse them treatment. They were treated (not by doctors at the GITMO Naval Base) the U.S. Navy base but by Cuban hospitals. At the end of the Cuban trip, one of the larger Havana fire departments held an honor ceremony for those EMT's and Firefighters. You see, Firemen --regardless of their country's political philosophies -- are BROTHERS. I shed a tear...and I'm usually not that kind of guy. There IS a better way to deal with healthcare in this country...we are moving toward that concept....ever so slowly....but we are headed in the right direction -- for now at least. If you get a chance, please watch this movie....I'd sooner give a buck or two to Michael Moore than I would to my friendly local HMO or PPO.....any day! This was one of the best eight bucks I ever spent!
P.S. One of the members of Parliament, a distinguished gentleman, laid the history of their national healthcare out for all to hear. You see, in 1948, a WW II torn England formed their "nationalized" health care system -- formulated at a time in England's history when they were recovering from the savagery of damage inflicted by the German Air Force to their economy and infrastructure. Their philosophy for the creation of their nationalized healthcare system (my paraphrasing) "If we can afford a war...we can afford healthcare for all. Sound familiar to our country's current situation? They did it then.... we can do it now -- minus the profiteering of healthcare insurance companies and the pharmaceutical manufacturers!
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