Thursday, August 09, 2007

John Curry: Why those lists mysteriously disappeared from the Internet

From John Curry, August 9, 2007
Remember when that list (the "nasty" companies) mysteriously disappeared?

Remember when the Ohio Retirement Study Council suddenly (and without explanation) removed the list (the "nasty" list) of companies who supposedly had some business dealings with "terrorist" countries? I then wrote the director of ORSC (Aristotle Hutras) and asked him "why?" Well, I didn't get an answer back. It might have had something to do with the fact that Honda was on that list or that Rolls-Royce was considering building a factory in northern don't suppose these were the reasons it was "jerked" do you? Honda is no more a "terrorist" related company than my pet cat WAS on that ORSC premature list, wasn't it?
Well, now we have another list that was "jerked!" This time, the good folks at the SEC did have the courage to explain "WHY" they did...unlike the good folks at the ORSC! Imagine that!! In case anyone wants to see that "premature" list that the ORSC put on and then "jerked" from their website..I have it and would be glad to furnish you with it. Bottom line...the ORSC and a whole lot of other organizations have suffered from a "knee jerk" reaction from people with good intentions but bad intelligence. The link below will explain (unlike ORSC) why the SEC list was removed. In short, let the terror list be made by the U.S. government and not by individual orgnizations or state legislators with good intentions. John
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