Sunday, October 21, 2007

Colorado retiree organization takes bold stand against divestment

From John Curry, October 21, 2007
Subject: Re: Another retirement organization..
How about it, Ohio county RTA's? Why not take a bold stance against forced divestment like this one Colorado county organization of retired educators have done! Politicians tend to listen much better when local RTA's take a vocal stance! If, and I say "if"... Husted pulls HB 151 out of committee and schedules it for a vote then we need to put political pressure on our local Representatives and follow what this bold Colorado county organization did. John
Cheryl Flagg (Colorado contact) to John Curry, October 21, 2007
Subject: Re: Another retirement organization..
This Jefferson County stance is major. This is the largest retirement organization in Colorado!

Legislative News
October, 2007
Dick Lansford, a former PERA Trustee and a JCRSEA legislative committee member, reported that PERA's financial position is very good, 40 plus billion in net assets. He also spoke to the PERA-Iran divestment issue — whether PERA will be forced to divest its investments in companies that do business with Iran. He reflected on the South African and Sudan divestment issues and stated that PERA should not divest its monies from Iran and further reminded us. Dick decried the fact that two Democratic Senators (Joan Fitz-Gerald and Ken Gordon) and two Republican Senators (Josh Penry and Andy McElhany ) wrote an article that appeared in the Post and News that advocated divesting from Iran. Dick will have additional information to report at the October luncheon.
At CRSEA's Legislative Forum on Thursday October 11, Greg Smith, PERA's Legal Counsel will be one of the featured speakers; we are certain that he will speak to the PERA-IRAN issue. Health care proposals will also be presented and discussed by various panelists, And, State Representative Ann McGihon from Denver will talk about Governor Ritter's "208 Blue Ribbon Panel" on healthcare.
Six or seven JCRSEA board members will attend the Forum. They will report on what they heard at the luncheon in October. See you there.

Click here to view John Curry's resolution opposing mandated divestment, adopted October 18, 2007 by CORE.

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