Friday, May 16, 2008

OEA and quack, quack, quack!

Duane Tron to John Curry, May 16, 2008
Subject: Re: From CORE President, Dave Parshall
[Duane's response to Dave Parshall's "Rebuttal to OEA's slanderous comments about CORE", 5/15/08]

- I am a former local president and treasurer.
- I served as a building rep for 15 years.
- The group that is irrational has been the self serving leadership at OEA.
- OEA sold us all out after we retired.
- They conspired to reduce the HC contribution down to 1% and removed the spousal subsidy for many of us after we had retired.
- The 35 year and 88% is NOT cost neutral as they alleged and they did create an environment of "haves and "have nots" among retirees. In other words, a two tier system.
- They have refused to address the inequities among Ohio's retired teachers and present a plan to offset the inequities that presently exist due to their selfish and self serving interests.
- They did hire Herb Dyer and rubber stamped the poisonous atmosphere he created at STRS.
- They have attacked us for trying to defend ourselves and our retirement from their abuse, lousy leadership, and mismanagement of OUR retirement system.
- They have been devoid of compassion and empathy for retirees who are suffering due to their callous disregard for the dignity and welfare of ALL retirees, especially those of us who retired prior to 1999.
- They have demonstrated total disregard for those they feel are no longer dues paying members of THEIR union.
- Legislators are absolutely correct about HB 315 and their contention that STRS has created enhanced benefits for newer retiring members. In fact, I am not aware of a single retirement system anywhere in the country where a retiree can get 88% of their three highest salary years when retiring at 35 years of service. Not a single plan anywhere except at STRS.
Do I respect the leadership at OEA? NO! Do I trust the leadership at OEA? NO! Do I support the leadership at OEA? NO! Will I support the current OEA leadership in anything? NO! Will I support any move to get rid of OEA and render them irrelevant? YES!
OEA's criticism of CORE is nothing but a smokescreen to deflect criticism away from THEIR failed policies and lack of leadership in doing what's right, and in the best interest of ALL retirees! Will I continue to attack OEA? YES! Will I continue to provide proof of their self serving behaviors and arrogance toward older retirees? YES!
My personal take? The present leadership at OEA makes President Bush look like a truly kind, compassionate, considerate, and caring president! This is a really profound statement and indictment as to who they are, what they are, and what they honestly represent! Dave is correct! They can't stand the truth because it hurts their fragile and big egos, and shows them for what they really are! If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, has large web feet, waddles like a duck, has feathers, and lays eggs; it is an overwhelmingly fact that it is a DUCK! They are what they are and they can blame CORE and try and deflect criticism away from themselves but all I can say is quack, quack!
I want OEA to know that I am not, and have never been, officially a member of CORE. I have supported CORE on many issues on behalf of retirees but have NEVER been a member, so that shoots the heck out of their contention that ALL of the criticism directed toward OEA has originated from CORE! Sorry guys! It just ain't so!!
Duane Tron

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