Wednesday, September 10, 2008

STRS recently got "dinged" with Fannie Mae but...remember when the same thing happened with Enron?

Come to think of it...didn't we also "buy" when Enron was tanking? John
Ohio will share in Enron payout
Columbus Dispatch
September 10, 2008
HOUSTON (AP) -- A federal judge has approved a plan to distribute more than $7.2 billion recovered as part of a lawsuit by Enron Corp. shareholders and investors in connection with the company's collapse. About 1.5 million individuals and entities will be eligible to share in the payout. The amount coming to Ohio has not been determined, according to a spokesman for the Ohio attorney general's office. Ohio agencies and funds expecting to receive payouts include the Public Employees Retirement System, the State Teachers Retirement System, the State Highway Patrol Retirement System, the Bureau of Workers' Compensation, the Tuition Trust Authority and the School Employees Retirement System.
Dispatch reporter Tracy Turner contributed to this story.
[From John Curry]
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