Monday, December 15, 2008

Dennis Leone: Thanksgiving Friday NOT a Board-approved paid holiday for STRS staff

From Dennis Leone, December 13, 2008
"According to Mike Nehf, 74 of the 87 investment staff members did NOT work on the Friday after Thanksgiving. All other non-investment did NOT report to work. The 13 investment staff who did work “covered” for the rest, which only causes me to ask why this can’t be the case on other days………meaning the maybe we don’t need all of the people we have. For those who DID work on that Friday, Mike Nehf tells me that they will be given another day off at another time. Board policy prohibits the executive director from awarding benefits that are NOT part of a board-approved plan. (Page 53 of board policy manual.) If the freebie also was given by Dyer and Asbury, they were just as wrong. The board-approved benefit package gives all staff members 10 paid holidays, and the day after Thanksgiving is NOT one of them."
Dennis Leone
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