Thursday, July 30, 2009

John Lazares to speak August 4 in Norwood

John Lazares to speak re. STRS at Norwood (Cincinnati area)...please read this for details
On Tuesday August 4Th at 7:00pm, former STRS board member John Lazarus will be speaking to interested STRS members
( Current retirees and future retirees are welcome and need to hear the information first hand)
The meeting will be held at: Allison Elementary School (in Norwood)
4300 Allison Street ( one block west of Montgomery Rd )
Norwood Ohio 45212
Parking available on the Allison Street Playground
As most are aware, STRS is considering significant changes that will affect current and future STRS members....
The adjustments considered include:
1. reducing/ eliminating the cost of living percentage ( COLA)
2. reducing health care benefits (Members & Spouse)
3. changing the formula for determining benefits (LESS)
4. raising the number of years required before retirement
5. others TBA
This meeting is important to current retired STRS and to anyone planning to retire with STRS benefits in the future!
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
Division III
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