Monday, August 10, 2009

Tom Curtis: Retirees must be vocal or we lose our COLA

From Tom Curtis, August 10, 2009
Subject: Re: ***CORE ALERT*** August 4, 2009**
Hello Jerry,
I hope your summer trip away was great for the two of you and that you are both healthy and well.
Thank you for getting more involved. This will not be the last time you will need to write letters though. We must continue to be vigilant. The majority of retirees had better stand up and be counted or our 3% COLA will be history. The OEA couldn't care less about retirees, (they hold a large majority of the board seats) as we no longer pay them the huge amount of dues they received from us during our careers. They are still pushing to keep the 35 year - 88-1/2% rule, which is ridiculous. Just think of the many administrative people that have or will soon retire with 35 years and will be receiving 100K+, while older retirees receive a paltry amount because the pay scales were not high when they retired. All of this makes no sense to me. It is the older retiree that needs the boost, not the highly paid ones of today.
I personally have been unable to attend the board meetings since early 2006, because I cannot control my anger and rage at our board. Whatever the OEA gained for teachers while teaching, they have stripped away from us, once retired. First, the 13th check, then HC subsidies/quality of coverage, spousal and dependent subsidies eliminated and now they want our 3% COLA reduced or eliminated. A 3% COLA which really is not a COLA, because the interest has never been compounded. ENOUGH is ENOUGH! We retirees either become vocal or we will once again get the short straw.
Tom Curtis
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
Division III
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