Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Shirlee Zerkel to Laura Ecklar: Waiting for your answer

From Shirlee Zerkel, September 9, 2009
Subject: Fwd: Thanks for your quick response!-Third request!
Dear Ms. Ecklar:
If I were you, I would be ashamed on two counrs: (1) For making the comment that individual members can also add imput when you apparently do not intend to live up to that comment, and (2) For not answering my question about the method I or any other member needs to follow to be able to add imput to the Board discussions concerning our benefits. Please see my email below for the specific question I asked.
Waiting for your answer,
2002 retiree
From Shirlee Zerkel, September 2, 2009
Subj: Fwd: Thanks for your quick response!-Second request!
I am sending this email again to you; it is my second request.
Shirlee Zerkel
From Shirlee Zerkel, August 27, 2009
Subj: Thanks for your quick response!
Dear Ms. Esklar: I want to thank you for your very quick response to the email I sent to Mr. Nehf. I did check in the current STRS Ohio newsletter and it did state that the HPA was serving in an advisory capacity, but I was surprised to find them seated with the Board at the regular monthly meeting. In your email to me you stated that the Board some months ago agreed that imput from the HPA, as well as from individual members would be encouraged. I, as an individual member, would like to know what a member needs to do in order have similar imput in the Board discussions. I know we have the public speaks portion of the meeting and the emails but those are one-sided; they are not discussion.
Thank you and I am looking forward to your answer,
Shirlee Zerkel
OEA-R Life member
CORE member
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