Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wonder if they'll get Black Friday off this year, too?

From Donna and Dean Seaman, November 18, 2009
Subject: board meeting
STRS board members and Mr. Nehf:
Today even Goldman Sachs apologized for "past mistakes!" Why doesn't STRS administration and board admit your past mistakes and begin to take steps to repair the massive damage you've done to Ohio's retired teachers.

Why do you not even acknowledge the devastating impact that the $3.4 million in bonuses has had on your constituents and on the STRS investment portfolio! Most of us do not consider $3.4 million as a "drop in the bucket!" Why do you continue to follow past practices which show obvious favoritism to STRS staff over what is due and right for retirees?
It is Ohio's teachers and boards of education who have provided the funds which you are legally and ethically bound to oversee. Yet you do not listen or respond to our frustrations and concerns. You continue to provide STRS employees with "freebies" such as the Black Friday extra holiday which Mr. Nehf tossed in last year (contrary to contract). You consider to dance to your OEA puppeteers.
When will STRS staff cuts be made that have been promised for months?
When will you reinstate the 13th check that was removed even while you were paying, and continue to pay, huge bonuses to investment staff?
And most importantly, when will you respond to us, your frustrated, angry retirees?
Donna Seaman, 2002 retiree
Dean Seaman, 1986 retiree
(These views are our own and do not reflect that of any organization.)
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
Division III
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