Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Donald Hyatt: Letter to Representative Lynn Wachtmann

From Donald Hyatt, January 5, 2010
Subject: STRS
State Representative Lynn Wachtmann,
You possibly don't know of the history of teaching in Ohio. I first taught in Ashland, Ohio and made approximately $4200 in 1965. I coached (assistant) 7th grade football even though I had not played football, but it added another $150 to my income. As a teacher in those days you accepted low pay because the Retirement system offered a fair retirement. Most teachers at that time worked second jobs in the summer or went back to school for additional work. Teachers with masters degrees made much less money than those in private sector with the same education. We did it, because we thought education was important. Policemen, firemen, and others in government did the same. One of the few benefits was a good retirement program. I now think that you think that is not important. When a Ohio State Representative discounts our service I am very ashamed of such actions.
I guess if you were in charge of the VA you would vote for cutting their benefits.
What ever happens, I know I served the people in Ohio by trying to educate our young in the best possible way.
Donald Hyatt
Retired teacher-Ashland City Schools, Upper Arlington City Schools, and Worthington Public Schools
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
Division III
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