Monday, January 04, 2010

Kathie Bracy: Letter to the Columbus Dispatch

January 4, 2010
To the Columbus Dispatch:
It was with great concern that I read James Nash’s report on Ohio’s five pension systems, one of which (STRS) I paid into for nearly 40 years. As a highly educated public school teacher (now retired) who traded a higher salary for the promise of a secure retirement (i.e., the trade-off for what is actually a deferred compensation instead of the taxpayer rip-off Mr. Nash might imply), I now feel it is time to begin tightening my belt in anticipation of having my retirement pension reduced.
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I regret that the group of reporters around the state who chose to trash the pensions of their teachers, firefighters, law enforcement officers, highway patrol and thousands of other Ohio workers, all of whom helped in some way to educate, serve and protect them all their lives, chose to do this at a time when retirees are struggling more than ever with a floundering economy, skyrocketing healthcare costs, inflation and other threats to their pensions. These reporters are young; someday they will understand what they have done. I just hope they don’t have to find out the hard way. I’m sure, too, that the media blitz trashing the pension systems will sell more newspapers at a time when they are struggling for their very survival.
I have subscribed to the Dispatch for over 40 years, but in order to preserve what income I still have, I am requesting that you terminate my subscription, effective immediately.
Katherine B. Bracy
Columbus, OH
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