Wednesday, January 13, 2010

RH Jones: Dyer also got a golden parachute and then some

From RH Jones, January 13, 2010
Re: Bob....with all due respect......we've been there and done that one too many times before!
John Curry, Bob Stein and all:
If my memory does not fail me, Dyer also got a "Golden Parachute". And by getting an OPERS retirement pension, the incentive bonuses probably went to growing his final average salary in calculating his pension checks.
Also, not mentioned in Stein's message is that the OPERS retirement system is a great part of attraction to become employed at OH STRS. For many of the same reasons of retirement security that helped us to choose to be teachers, they chose to became STRS associates; consequently, even with both teachers and STRS associates (especially the Investment Staff) being highly educated, we all took a lesser salary in return for life long security. That was our free choice.
RHJones, retired teacher OH STRS member
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