Tuesday, January 19, 2010

RH Jones to ORTA and OEA-R: Are you fiddling while Rome burns?

From RH Jones, January 19, 2010
Subject: Re: Three pro-public Ohio pension letters in today's Toledo Blade...
To all:
Has anyone seen a message from our ORTA or OEA-R in any of the Ohio newspapers? I haven't. You will notice below that AFSCME, the union for public workers, and OPERS, the union of politicians and STRS employees have written. Without any response from these retired teacher unions to this negative attack on all public pensions (the worst attack in history on Ohio's hard working public servants) we can expect the legislature to cut us up, and no one else. Even if education = prosperity, some ignoramuses in the legislature want us in the poor house. They will get their way, if we let them.
Many CORE members have written to multiple OH newspapers, I being one of them: but, come-on ORTA and OEA-R, do your duty. From our dues money, this is the least we can ask for; or, would you rather spend the money running around the state attending social gatherings, rather than real meetings?
Get with it! Make it happen! Are you standing around as Rome burns? Write; that is what we educators are good at. Just do it!
RHJones, the individual opinion of a proud member of CORE
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
Division III
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