Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dennis Leone: Comments on HPA 2/18/10 Straw Proposal to STRS

From Dennis Leone, February 20, 2010
Subject: RE:'s HPA's straw proposal as presented to STRS
………….and NO substantive recommendation from OEA on changing the FAS from 3 yrs to 5 yrs.. The proposal to seek FAS legislation that would give the STRS Board the ability to change the FAS also it would give OEA more ability to stop a FAS change through its own OEA clones on the STRS Board. OEA knows that our Legislature will be instantly willing to have a new 5 year FAS and that OEA won’t be able to stop it unless the STRS Board wants to stop it first. Everything has an ulterior motive. Let’s see……….OEA also wishes to wait until 2023 for the 35-year service requirement to kick in, but by god we need to reduce the COLA in 2011. I wonder why Ann Hanning didn’t’ sign it? Someone should ask her. The whole thing is an embarrassment for ORTA, like so many things..
From John Curry, February 20, 2010
Subject:'s HPA's straw proposal as presented to STRS
Pensioners get their COLA "whacked" right away but actives have years and years!
[Straw Proposal outlined in the two posts immediately below]
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