Monday, February 08, 2010

Penalties for public servants? You bet!

From John Curry, February 8, 2010
This article and the linked short movie relate to all educators, policemen and firemen who will draw or are drawing a state pension. John
Social Security: Right the rules on pension benefits
February 06, 2010
In response to Irene Toth's Jan. 30 letter to the editor concerning the Social Security windfall provision and government pension offset:
I, too, fall in this category. I have contributed 15-plus years in each pension system. I was appalled when I discovered that my Social Security benefits would be reduced by two-thirds because someone in 1977 believed that this was considered "double dipping."
The Social Security Fairness Act, HR 235 and S484, would repeal both of these unfair practices. More than 300 congressional representatives have signed on to the bill, including all but three Ohio representatives. Sen. Sherrod Brown supports the bill; Sen. George Voinovich does not. Unfortunately, this bill has been languishing in committee since 2007. The House Ways and Means Committee last discussed it in January 2009. If it isn't passed before November, it will have to be reintroduced by the new Congress.
There is much you can do. The National Education Association has created a six-minute video on YouTube called Watch it and send it to everyone you know. The NEA has a petition on its Web site ( Sign it.
These unfair provisions affect all public employees, but disproportionately women. I urge you to help get Congress moving on this bill this year.
Kathleen A. Pichola, Copley Here is the link to the short movie clip, Penalties for Public Service:
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