Friday, February 19, 2010

STRS Legislative News Feb. 2010

From John Curry, February 19, 2010
Despite some credibility issues by some officials at STRS (remember the ethics convictions?), there is one Associate at STRS that this retiree has the utmost respect for, Terri Bierdeman. Terri is the Director of Governmental Relations and is really aware of the current political trends in Columbus as well as Washington.
I know, many educators dislike anything that has even a slight odor of politics but, let's face it, when you have a retirement system worth billions of dollars, there will always be politicians and political interests it or not.
Ms. Bierdeman, in my opinion, is a straight-shooter, to the point and usually hits the political nail right on the head. Below is a link to her report that was made available as a hand-out at the Feb. 2010 STRS Board meeting. It is well worth your while to see what it contains.
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