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CORE minutes for April meeting

From CORE, April 23, 2011

Minutes for the April 14, 2011 CORE Meeting

On sunny April 14th at 12:45 p.m. in the Sublett Room of STRS, President Dave Parshall opened the April meeting of the Concerned Ohio Retired Educators (CORE). Kathie Bracy moved that the minutes from the March CORE Meeting be approved; Donna Thorpe seconded the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved.

There was no treasurer’s report this month; however, President Parshall has been in contact with the IRS, trying to rectify an error. (He has been told to wait several weeks to be sure we’re still in the system.) For those members who were curious, Parshall informed those in attendance that CORE is a 501C4 group.

Turning his attention to Senate Bill 5, President Dave encouraged CORE members to become involved in the petition drives against SB5 – either by training to circulate one of these bi-partisan petitions or at least by signing a petition in their home county. He stressed that what happens to active teachers does affect retirees. (It is imperative that we all protect our profession as well as our pension!)

President Parshall, now a trained petition circulator, read information about the petition and those who plan to carry one. Carole DePaola, also a circulator instructor, and Kathie Bracy added a few instructional points to Dave’s pointers. Parshall wrapped up his commentary by stressing that CORE members must keep working and not give up!

The meeting ended at 1:25. The next CORE Meeting will be on Thursday, May 19th.

Respectfully submitted,

Marie M. Fetters

CORE Secretary

Additional information from Dave.......

Since the April CORE meeting, CORE has joined the We Are Ohio organization and twenty-five CORE members have asked me to send them anti-SB 5 petitions for signature gathering. It is still not too late to send me your name and U.S. Postal mailing address to join the list. Additional instructional materials will be sent along with the petitions. E-mail me at my following e-mail address for petitions:

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