Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More info from Dave re: circulating referendum petitions

From Dave Parshall, April 13, 2011
Petitions Should be Ready By the 18th of April from you Local OEA Office. Call ahead because there may be some delay by the Secretary of State.
Important Information I learned from We Are Ohio/OEA training about SB 5 Petition Circulating.
1. A circulator must be a U.S. Citizen.
2. A circulator cannot have a felony conviction for which they are still on probation.
3. A circulator shall be: 18 year of age or older, be an Ohio Citizen.
4. A circulator does not need to be a registered voter.
5. A circulator must complete the Solicitor Form and you must:
1. Print your name and sign the form at the bottom.
2. Count all lines that are signed as complete even if a person crosses their name off the petition.
3. Leave blank the space on the Solicitor form that ask---Employed for Compensation.
4. Each Petition is for only one County and all that sign must be residents of that County.
5. You must witness each signature personally.
6. Signers must both sign (in cursive) and print their names legibly.
7. Signature must be in Blue or Black ink.
8. Ditto marks are not allowed on the petitions
9. Do not photocopy or disassemble a petition or Solicitor forms. They must be the original.
10. Do not allow anyone to sign for another person.
11. Any violation found on the petition will disqualify the whole petition.
Dave Parshall Trainee, now a Trainer.

[I might add: separate petitions for different counties; in other words, people from different counties cannot sign the same sheet; signers must also be registered voters. KBB]
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