Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our new Ohio Retirement Study Council director with an open mind or........ an old ALEC acquaintance?

From John Curry, February 15, 2012
You be the judge! When you finish with this Dispatch article check out the 2 pages of attachments requested by the use of the Freedom of Information act from the office of Ohio's ALEC go-to legislator, John Adams from pages 47 and 48. John's been a busy boy for ALEC and looks like Bethany has been right there by his side, doesn't it? Keith Faber also enters the picture, doesn't he? The other pages in this document also make for some interesting reading, don't they?
Ohio Retirement Study Council gets new director
The Columbus Dispatch
Wednesday February 8, 2012
ShareThisVeteran GOP legislative staffer Bethany Rhodes was named this morning as director of the Ohio Retirement Study Council.
Rhodes, deputy legal counsel for the state House Republican caucus, is a former aid to Rep. Lynn Wachtmann, R-Napolean, a member of the council. Wachtmann declined to participate in interviews and discussions about the finalists this morning, said Sen. Keith Faber, R-Celina, chairman of the council.
Rhodes will succeed Aristotle Hutras as the next director of Ohio's retirement oversight panel. She will make $85,000, less than the $113,000 paid to Hutras, Faber said.
Other finalists for the post included Jada Brady, former executive director of the Ohio Liquor Control Commission; Mark Gibson, vice chairman of the Unemployment Compensation Review Commission and former Franklin County administrator; Phillip Kapler, former executive director of the St. Paul, Minn., Teachers' Retirement Fund Association; Bethany; and Michael Troper, controller at Marion Technical College.
Hutras retired in December after spending nearly 22 years as director of the council, whose voting members include six lawmakers and three gubernatorial appointees.
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