Wednesday, March 07, 2012

STRS and...been there, done that!

From John Curry, March 6, 2012
My, my....didn't Dr. Leone and CORE tell them some of this several years ago?
Especially [bulleted items] #2 and #4 below.
From Dennis Leone, March 6, 2012
Yep, especially [bulleted items] #3 and #4. I tried to tell my fellow STRS Board members, and I also tried to tell ORTA. (These topics were in the column I wrote for the ORTA newsletter, but the ORTA staff rejected it because I dared to share the info with others before ORTA saw it.) John, take a look at the next-to-the-last paragraph in my 3-9-11 testimony at the Statehouse on HB 69.
D. Leone
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