Monday, April 23, 2012

John Curry: Ann...we, at CORE, are working to protect the least among our ranks.....

John Curry to Ann Hanning [Executive Director of ORTA]
April 23, 2012
....I am asking your organization to do the same. Stand up for these retirees with small pensions as the Ohio Highway Patrol Retirement System has already done (in this letter from retired Col. Rice) and that CORE has been pushing for better than one year now. 

Here is a statement of ORTA's "mission" as taken from your website. Note that it says "[ORTA] advocates and promotes the improvement of pensions." The protection of the 3% COLA for pensions for those most needy STRS retirees among us needs protecting....are you and your organization up to the task? 

"ORTA's Mission: The Ohio Retired Teachers Association is the voice of Ohio's retired public educators. ORTA advocates and promotes the improvement of pensions, benefits and services available to Ohio's active and retired public educators. The association represents and takes action on behalf of our constituents to STRS Ohio, the Ohio Legislature and other agencies dealing with retirement issues." 

John Curry
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
Division III
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