Saturday, April 14, 2012

RH Jones: Retired teachers gave fair share already

From RH Jones, April 13, 2012
To all:
When our HC/Rx was cut, that insured that we retired teachers already have done our share to keep STRS in the 30-year funding standard. Cutting our COLA is being unreasonable to us. Yesterday while attending the Medina CRTA meeting, a representative of STRS mentioned that there is some consideration to make the goal 32-years rather than thirty. As you know, our supplemental check, commonly known as the 13th check, is awarded on a very fair to all retired teachers when the 30-year standard is met. This check helped us older retired teachers keep up somewhat with inflation.
Once before, I have mentioned that there is a ploy to keep from issuing to us this end-of-the-year check when it is most needed. I wonder, has the STRS officials turned their backs on retired teachers, especially those who have been out for 25-years or more, to favor active teachers who, up to this point have given up nothing. I do not think that this is being envious of the active teachers. Up to this point they have escaped their share of STRS support. It is obvious that the group really escaping its responsibility is the employer - It has been around 25-inflationary years since they had an increase in their contribution to the STRS.
To want to cut our retired teachers simple COLA at this time is unconscionable. This cut in our COLA is paraskevidekatriaphobia (Friday the 13th) thinking. In the Beacon, 04/13/2012, page B6, they mention: “Supermarket prices for 16 basic food items rose 6.9 percent in the first quarter from the year earlier.” Considering coupling this with the inflationary HC/Rx costs and gasoline; it is surely true that we 25-year pensioners are hurting.
RHJones, a proud CORE member
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