Thursday, May 24, 2012

John Bos: Question for Nick Treneff

John Bos to Nick Treneff, May 24, 2012
Good Morning Mr. Treneff,
I commend you for your communications efforts for STRS (UP TO THE LAST FEW DAYS). You have done a better job of communicating the news to the STRS Participants than Laura (Everything is Beautiful) Ecklar.
Unfortunately, your failure to include the news about the changes in the Investment Bonus to ALL OF THE PARTICIPANTS is a MAJOR FAILURE. I am most disturbed that you did not include this news in your e news letter. Unfortunately, you allowed Steve Mitchell to control your publication to the membership. SHAME ON YOU!!!! Your job is not to do an editorial or select what information you wish and do not wish to report. Your previous written comment that the “BONUS” was not being changed this year also reflects on you in a very negative image. Were you kept “out of the loop” (Shame on them), or did you join in the game? (Shame on you).
Please inform me how this important news was NOT COMMUNICATED to the STRS Participants.
This information that you send to me WILL be distributed to others. I have been very silent regarding STRS for several years. YOUR decision to not report the facts has moved me from the Right Field Bleachers to the Press Box. I will not accept a “wine and dine” entertainment provided to the VIP.
Stay tuned Nick, because this will not be my last communication. I have experience in the “Press Box” and will use it to expose this latest series of errors of the manager, board, and communications departments. There will be no “stealing home” in our ballpark without the fans being told who gave the “Run Signal” and who rewrote the story of the game.
John Bos
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
Division III
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