Saturday, July 14, 2012

John Curry to STRS board member Bob Stein: Cut the 88 now.....we can't afford to wait!

John Curry to Bob Stein, July 13, 2012
Thanks, Bob, for sending this................
Now.....if our 2 retiree pension board members will be able to stave off any future cuts (mentioned as needed in this study) to fellow retirees at fellow retirees' expenses (COLA cuts and others) by twice as many STRS board members who represent active educators as to board members who represent retirees I would say we "dodged a bullet." How 'bout you?
We are placing our full trust and faith in you and Jim McGreevy to stand in there and protect retirees..... we will be watching and listening. Please don't be another ORTA. You two board members stand between many STRS retirees and a future of poverty for those very same people....and I think you know it. "Cut the 88 (now), WE can't afford to wait!" No other Ohio public retirement system has ever been that generous, none. But...they all can (and do) contribute many times the percentages more to their healthcare programs than we do, don't they?
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
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