Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shirlee Zerkel: Questions for Greg Nickell re: STRS Coverage

Shirlee Zerkel to Greg Nickell, August 23, 2012
Subject: Health Benefits Changes for 2013
Dear Mr. Nickell:
I e-mailed you Tuesday with the following questions and am wondering if you received it or maybe you are on vacation.
Thank you for your last response to me. Now I have more questions. I noticed in the STRS News that some changes will occur for 2013. Am I understanding this correctly that now there will be a difference for in and out of network providers? How is this different from 2012? Will this also be true for providers who may read our x-rays and other tests? We have no control in selecting such providers.
Has STRS ever covered Tier 3 and 4 drugs 100%? Does this mean that we will have to pay 100% for many drugs for very serious illnesses? Will Express Scripts now move many of our drugs to tier 3 and 4?
Thank you,
Shirlee Zerkel
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
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