Monday, September 10, 2012

A note of thanks to CORE leaders and members from Nancy Hamant

From Nancy Hamant, September 9, 2012
My heartfelt thanks goes to each one of you for over 10 years of service on behalf of STRS members. Without all of you monitoring STRS monthly for Ohio's educators, both active and retired, many of us would not have had availability to STRS's actions. Actions which affect all Ohio educators.
CORE's constant monitoring and advocacy on behalf of Ohio educators has resulted in the following:
* Legislative action which resulted in Herb Dyer's resignation;
* Ethics charges against STRS Board members;
* Elimination of bonuses (PBI) for the total number of STRS workers;
* Temporary halting of STRS investment staff bonuses (PBI);
* Public information requests of STRS actions of critical interest to Ohio educators;
* Testimony to STRS Board Members made on behalf of Ohio educators;
* Dissemination of STRS information statewide via an Internet network;
* Legislative contacts;
And, most importantly;
* The addition of a second member on the STRS Board, who is elected by retirees to represent retirees!
CORE Leaders and members, there are many more accomplishments that have resulted from your efforts, more than I have listed above. I am totally humbled and thankful that all of you have dedicated a major portion of your life, to protect all of Ohio's educators.
I am also greatly saddened that the most recent Ohio retirees have not yet stepped forward to continue monitoring STRS on behalf of all Ohio educators. Hopefully, in the future, others will step forward and continue the job!
Best wishes for your last meeting this month in Columbus and know that my thoughts and thanks will be with all of you.
Nancy B. Hamant

Kathie Bracy to Nancy Hamant, September 9, 2012
Nancy --
I don't know how to thank YOU for your very major contributions to CORE's efforts. I couldn't begin to name them all. I've been very impressed with the way so many people have pulled together in this effort; each one seemed to fill a unique niche, which no doubt has kept STRS on its toes. They know they are being watched closely, and many of us will continue to watch closely, CORE or no CORE. John Curry plans to keep up his vigilance and his research, and I plan to keep my blog going. I'm guessing others are not going to walk away, either. The STRS board will still see some of us sitting out there during their meetings.
I agree; it is disappointing that younger retirees have not stepped forward to keep the momentum going to watchdog our pension system. Maybe it will take another near-catastrophe to wake them up as it took to wake us up. I hope not. We did our best; that's all anyone can do.
Kathie Bracy
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