Sunday, January 13, 2013

Something odd here? OEA chooses to interview some (but not ALL) the candidates for the two retired seats in the upcoming STRS Board election

Kathie Bracy to Dennis Leone, January 13, 2013
Subject: Interview with OEA

Dr. Leone --

It is my understanding that OEA plans to interview the candidates for the two retired seats on the STRS Board in the upcoming election, but that you are NOT being interviewed. Why is this?

Kathie Bracy

From Dennis Leone, January 13, 2013
Subject: Re: Interview with OEA

OEA already “interviewed” Jim McGreevy and Bob Stein a couple of weeks ago. I was offered the same date and time, but I informed OEA in writing that the date and time were in conflict with a teaching assignment I had with Ashland University. I wrote back and said that I would be willing to go to OEA for “interview” on another date and time, but I never received a response.

I also asked why there was such a rush for the interview, anyway, since the deadline for petition signatures is not until 2-22-13. In other words, the decision was made to interview people even though they were not officially on the ballot.

Like I said, OEA never responded to my written request (which I saved) to be interviewed on a different date and time, nor did I get an answer to my question why the interview was set to occur so far in advance of the petition deadline. I do not think it was an accident that OEA chose not to write back to me.

Dennis Leone
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
Division III
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