Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hey ORTA members - get a load of THIS!!

From Kathie Bracy, February 12, 2013
From ORTA: Be Proud by Jon Rockhold, currently on ORTA's website:
"ORTA represents all persons who pay or have paid into STRS"
Since when does ORTA represent ME? Or many others I could name? I attend nearly every STRS Board meeting, and have for the last nine years. I NEVER see anyone from ORTA getting up and speaking on our behalf! Did ORTA fight to keep our COLA intact, either in the STRS Board room or at the Statehouse? I don't think so! Did anyone from ORTA fight to change the language in the current pension law that permits our illustrious STRS Board to take MORE money away from retirees any time they please, WITHOUT LEGISLATIVE APPROVAL? I don't think so! ORTA doesn't represent ME (a life member). I can't even find anybody on the STRS Board who represents me! I guess I'm just a lost sheep!

Note from John Curry: If you wish to read Jon Rockhold's letter in dripping praise of Ann Hanning just click on the link mentioned below or click on this following link: http://orta.hostcentric.com/wordpresssite/index.php/orta-be-proud

I also have an additional question ...Where was ORTA when Dr. Leone and other retirees (myself included) went to the table to go to bat for those STRS retirees among us who have the lowest pensions in an effort to preserve their 3% COLA cut (as was done for the Ohio Highway Patrol Retirement System's oldest and most needy retired Troopers)? Neither Ann nor Jon Rockhold nor ORTA were anywhere in sight for that fight, were they?
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