Monday, April 01, 2013

From the Knudsens: Vote for ONE candidate -- Dennis Leone (and spread the word!)

Think about it: Why would OEA, a huge teachers union that gets its funding from active teachers, be spending thousands of their dollars to campaign for RETIRED teacher candidates on the STRS Board? If you look closely at the record of the two incumbents, you will KNOW why. Retirees, if you think OEA has YOUR best interest at heart, think again! What has OEA done for YOU since you retired? If you want a Board member who WILL fight for you (as he has done many times in the past, contrary to you-know-whom) you need to cast ONE vote only: for Dennis Leone. And tell your friends to do the same. KBB 

From Lloyd and Joanne Knudsen
April 1, 2013
Dear STRS Retiree:
You will soon be receiving in the mail an STRS election ballot to vote on two retiree seats for the STRS Board.  I strongly urge you to vote for ONLY ONE candidate—DENNIS LEONE! 
Dennis Leone almost single-handedly uncovered numerous unethical STRS Board actions back in 2003-2004.  Dennis with the help of a group called CORE (Concerned Ohio Retired Educators) helped bring ethics charges against several STRS Board members.  Dennis was later elected to the board and helped bring many needed changes to STRS operations and policies.  After serving one term on the board, Dennis could not run for re-election because he needed to return to a fulltime job in education.  I have included [here] Dennis’ own outline of WHY he is running for the board again.
NOTE***OEA is actively campaigning for the two current retiree board members who are running again.  These two current members vote pro-OEA (like reducing our COLA) and NOT pro-retiree!  I find it interesting that OEA who represents “active” teachers is spending active teacher’s money to send out an expensive mailer to every STRS retiree, not to elect an ACTIVE TEACHER CANDIDATE but to help re-elect a retiree board candidate.  I think OEA likes how these two vote—PRO-OEA, and NOT PRO-RETIREE! 
VOTE FOR DENNIS LEONE!!  Vote only for Dennis Leone and insure that you are not helping his opponents. 
Please email this message to all the retired teachers in your address book and help Dennis get elected to the STRS Board.
Thank you.
Lloyd Knudsen, 2003 STRS retiree

Joanne Knudsen, 1996 STRS retiree
Click here to learn more about Dennis Leone:
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