Saturday, May 18, 2013

ORTA: Are you still wondering why your membership is on the decline?

From John Curry, May 18, 2013
Looks like more than a few educators in Ohio have wised up to ORTA's ways, doesn't it?
Thank you for this informative letter. Yes, ORTA is afraid to take a stance on many issues that would affect retirees' lives and benefits. Possibly they are afraid of losing a tax free status but fail to realize that they only would lose this status if they should exist predominately as a political organization and not one of a social benefits organization as the tax code demands. In short, they are afraid of their shadows. This boils down into an ineffective organization that collects fees to support a few at the top and lets down their membership. I would call it a total waste of your membership moneys. ORTA has given Dr. Leone the "cold shoulder" for years now and, because of it their membership roles have suffered. I was asked to join ORTA several times and my question to the asking person was, "What good would it do to give moneys to an organization that could care less about my benefits?" More and more ORTA members are now asking this same question of their ORTA leadership.
From XXXXX, May 18, 2013
I resigned my position as Board Member and Legislative Chair of XXXXXX County Retired Teachers Association several years ago over the fact that I was told I could not take a position on Issue 2, the Repeal of Senate Bill 5. I felt that repealing SB5 was a nobrainer for an organization made up of retired teachers. I was told that we could not take a position on political matters. I also let my membership in ORTA lapse as well because it did not take a position on Issue 2 until the very last minute. While I was Legislative Chair of XXRTA Ann Hanning was always very helpful to me. But I don't understand why ORTA always remains "nonpartisan" on very partisan issues that directly impact teachers (retired and active). Also, I have a daughter who is an active teacher in Ohio, so I have all the more reason to care what happens to teachers in our retirement system.
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
Division III
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