Thursday, July 25, 2019

NEA in trouble?

Excerpts from The Teachers Union Secession Crisis
By Keith J. Williams
Wall Street Journal
July 23, 2019
"The National Education Association, America's oldest and largest teachers union, faces a revolt from its member unions. In the past five years at least 11 local teachers unions have departed from the NEA and its state affiliates. In response, the NEA recently passed two bylaws to impose roadblocks and crushing penalties on locals seeking to leave the national body." 
"Most teachers I know value their local unions, but many are fed up with the bureaucratic, hyperpolitical and remote NEA."
The entire article can probably be viewed at your local library.
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"Wonder how many went over to the AFT?"
"If they knew what was going on they would (and should ) have crossed over long ago!"
"When we switched to the AFT OFT the NEA and OEA sued our union and its executive committee. Since that time, I’ve held the conviction that the NEA And OEA can go pound rocks. I will NEVER trust them... ever."
"OEA is complicit through their silence and lack of action regarding retirement age, years of service, and COLA. I’m calling them out on everything they post on social media and encourage others to do the same. I don’t care what they post, I always respond with “what are you doing about our retirement age and COLA?”
"Long overdue! Best news regarding the NEA, when I first joined the local teachers union it was required to belong to the OEA and the NEA!"
"Sad, considering what a great organization the NEA used to be."
"They just want our money. Never did anything for us as a union."
"Like all big advocacy groups in DC, they have lost their way and become pawns in the game. I feel the AFT is a far superior organization that still accomplishes things rather than collecting money to fatten the pockets of its executives."
"Whatever your feelings are about unions, all of this will do little if anything to help our cause. It certainly hasn't made any difference with the OEA-endorsed members on the STRS Board. I am not surprised."
"The NEA and state organizations have not been "on top" of teacher needs and concerns for years. It has all been talk and no real action. It is time to break up the union."
"I agree. We peasants have thought that for years! If these organizations can’t be 100% in support of those that pay their salary, I see no need to give them one red cent. OEA should be at every STRS meeting addressing this board and advocating on behalf of active and retirees."
"CFT, OFT, and AFT doing a great job for us!" 
"What does this have to do with our COLA?"
"There are some frustrations that the OEA-endorsed STRS Board members have not acted in our best interest and that OEA has silently sat in the sidelines as retirement benefits have been changed for active teachers and retirees."
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