Sunday, May 12, 2013

OEA's salaries over $100K (Want to see where your dues money goes, active teachers?)

From John Curry, May 12, 2013
The OEA annual salary information below was taken from the most recent filing by the OEA with the U.S. Department of Labor as required by law. The salaries listed were compiled from the federal form LM-2 and were received by the U.S. Department of Labor by November of 2012 and are of the last fiscal year for the OEA. Therefore, there will be some employees listed below who are now not currently employed by the OEA and there will be some OEA current employees who are not listed due to their recent hiring. If this information needs to be verified please follow the following instructions so that you can go to the U.S. Dept. of Labor to see the names and salaries that I viewed. Note...these are JUST the OEA salaries in excess of $100,000. There are many others approaching the $100K mark that did make the list below.
Click on the link below and enter 512-490 in the first box [Enter File Number box]. Then click on the 2012 report. Pay particular attention to Schedules 11 & 12. The President of OEA (Patricia Frost-Brooks) last salary was $228,594. Do you now see where the OEA got the thousands of dollars to endorse a retired teacher candidate in this years STRS election?
Note - the position of LRC below means Labor Relations Consultant. These are the OEA employees who work directly with the locals in labor/management discussions.
Frost-Brooks, Patricia President $228,594
Leibensperger, William Vice Pres. 155,658
Timlin, James Secy/Treas 156,361
Fiely, Linda Gen Counsel 134,707
Martin, James Asst Ex Dir 155,217
Babcock, Susan Asst Ex Dir 150,143
Cohagen, Joseph Dir of Business 132,557
Fekete, Fritz Dir of Info 116,382
Flanagan, Kevin AED Media Serv 152,702
Cooper, Jeanette Regional Dir 130,117
Jowhar, Thomas LRC 163,795
Johnson, Rachelle AED Mem Serv 145,134
Collins-Murdock, Patricia Reg Dir 141,379
Mahoney, Michael Dir of Commun 132,618
Kapp, Ronald Dir Gov Serv 127,662
Suchy, Mary Dir Membership 138,953
Allison, Mark Uniserv Comp Tech Serv 125,518
Avouris, John LRC 122,425
Bell-Gombita, Mark LRC 127,065
Clay, Alicia LRC 113,184
Blanden, Lee LRC 125,600
Bozovich, George LRC 139,900
Busby, Robin LRC 125,275
Carlisle, Gary Uniserv Compac 125,238
Clum, Darren Uniserv Comp Tech 125,256
Costantino, Mark LRC 129,090
Dalton, Donald LRC 152,189
Davis, Robert G. Uniserv Lobbyist 125,113
Davis, Vicky LRC 126,841
Davis, Demetrice Uniserv Edu Reform 125,084
Day, Daniel LRC 106,767
Dotson, Matthew Uniserv Lobbyist 125,786
Field, Ruth LRC 125,481
Flora, V. Randall Dir Edu Pol 138,655
Graffton, John R. Uniserv Pol Adv 126,827
Graham, Stuart Uniserv Comp Tech Serv 125,902
Harris, Russell Uniserv Edu Edu Res Dev 126,754
Hart, Jonathan Uniserv Gm Tech Serv 125,346
Holub II, Donald LRC 130,182
Jewell, Paul Uniserv Ed Res Dev 131,202
Howell, Lynette LRC 131,020
Jackson, Schalet LRC 102,204
Jaeck, Todd LRC 115,835
Joseph, Bonnie LRC 167,155
Kazar, Suzanne Uniserv Comp 125,327
Kestner, Jeffrey LRC 137,974
Kovach, Gary LRC 123,490
Kubiska, Annette LRC 125,043
Kirkwood, Amber LRC 126,049
Lane, Kimberly LRC 125,487
Lehman, Susan Prod Consult 111,045
Lobert-Edmo, Lavonne LRC 131,026
Linder, Mark LRC 125,829
Marchese Jr., Victor LRC 125,331
Chandler-Marks, Elizabeth LRC 125,203
Matkowski Robert LRC 134,021
Matusick, Helen LRC 129,331
May, Linda LRC 125,274
Maynard, Deborah LRC 123,419
McEachern, Michael LRC 125,222
McMurray, Bonnie LRC 125,509
Messer, Donald LRC 117,153
Munoz-Nedrow, Christina Regional Dir 137,555
Mussilli Jr.,Henry LRC 125,383
Nelson, Alfred LRC 131,147
Newhall, Julie Magazine Editor 125,030
Norris, Perry Reg Dir 138,218
Nolasco, Jeffrey LRC 126,153
Hoover, Kerri LRC 108,475
O'Connell-Burton, Kathleen LRC 125,553
Otten, William Uniserv Organ 132,312
Prater, Michelle Uniserv Media Rel 125,109
Pearasol, William LRC 141,425
Paterson, Cynthia Uniserv Edu Ref 125,486
Pipe Jr., Herman LRC 125,113
Radel, Samuel LRC 115,242
Renaud, Thomas LRC 125,460
Rumsey, Lora LRC 118,787
Saad, Sheila LRC 125,853
Clark, Melissa Uniserv Lobbyist 125,110
Shoulders, Venita LRC 153,264
Smolik, Connie LRC 107,371
Stephenson, Edward LRC 126,820
Terman, Melody LRC 128,623
Townley, Renee LRC 102,591
Tieman, Diane LRC 142,131
Tufaro, Delores LRC 107,018
Turner, Patricia Uniserv Coll Barg 127,848
Urban, Eric LRC 127,490
Thomas, Anne LRC 112,922
Villamagna, Rebecca Uniserv Comp 127,203
Watson, Diana LRC 101,587
Whitney, Theresa LRC 101,586
White, Cathy LRC 134,428
Winship, Michele Uniserv Edu Ref 112,383
Wing, Debra LRC 104,068
Elling, Betty LRC 125,410
Leidy, Chloann LRC 125,245
Bird, Rodney LRC 137,312
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
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