Friday, May 10, 2013

Tom Curtis: A call for ORTA leader's resignation

From Tom Curtis, May 10, 2013
Dear Ann Hanning,
I am writing you as the executive director of ORTA to express my deep concern and dissatisfaction with your failed leadership of ORTA. Thus, I am calling for your immediate resignation as the executive director of ORTA.
You and the ORTA board are very aware of the dissatisfaction of the many retirees who formed CORE. That organization was formed because of the lack of representation by ORTA for retiree benefits. CORE members vigorously voiced our feelings and concerns to ORTA and the STRS leadership. You personally attended many of the CORE monthly meetings, so you were made very aware of the reasons we felt you were ineffective in your position. You and the ORTA board simply ignored us and wrote us off as a bunch of disgruntled retirees. That speaks volumes as to your lack of concern for all STRS retirees.
Instead of speaking out at STRS board meetings against the reduction of retiree benefits, you have always sat silent. I have no knowledge that you have ever spoken to the board protesting the reduction of retirees' benefits during your tenure. Further, and more disturbing to me and many other retirees, you have actually supported all of the reductions the board has made. What can you possibly be thinking? You have failed all retirees miserably and permitted changes that will effect the loss of income for all STRS retirees for the rest of their lives. You are paid handsomely for your services, yet provide little leadership. In my opinion that is disgusting.
Thomas Curtis
STRS Benefit Recipient
ORTA Life Member, Resigned
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
Division III
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