Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Confused about Medicare Part D? Read Al Rhonemus' advice to Brown County RTA members

Notes about Social Security

At the Brown County Fair I spent some time with our representative from the Social Security office in Batavia. He gave me the following points to follow as STRS Retirees as the newly published Medicare D is unfolding:

Keep on file ALL correspondence on Medicare D whether for or against.

Some letters will be received that are not from the Social Security office but they make you think that they are.

Do not sign anything because when you once leave the STRS plan – insurance and prescriptions, you cannot return to your original plan. (Note: this statement is being checked for accuracy. KB) (A response from Gary Russell of STRS, 10/13/05: Under current rules, to come back in to the STRS Ohio Health Care Plan, you must be terminating medical and drug coverage. If you are not terminating coverage there is a six month waiting period. Each Medicare D plan that is offered may have its own restrictions or requirements for terminating that plan so you will want to find out what those restrictions or requirements are before enrolling. STRS Ohio doesn't have any restrictions that are unique to the member coming from a Medicare D plan. However, this would only cover the drug side, you would also have to be terminating the medical plan that you enrolled in.)

If you are on Medical Mutual or Aetna, your prescription costs will probably be less than through the new uncertain Medicare D plan.

Be alert. Don’t sign anything until you check with your STRS plan.

SS Office number in Batavia, Ohio - 513-732-0396

SS Office in Maysville, Ky. - 606-759-0090

National Number - 800-772-1213

The following STRS number. - 1-888-227-7877

Ask for Sandra L. Knoesel, Membership Benefits

Do Not give social security number to anyone except the real Social Security office and/or the STRS if requested!

Al Rhonemus, treasurer

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