Thursday, March 09, 2006

Editorial: Doing the OEA Dance

OEA's Bill Leibensperger was approached by a retiree (an OEA life member) at the March 9 STRS Board meeting and asked WHICH STRS BOARD MEMBERS want to do away with SB 190, as reported in the OEA Executive Committee's February 2006 report. As we all know, this is an extremely serious accusation, and OEA should not take it lightly if, indeed, they are spreading lies and rumors to defame their perceived adversaries in order to achieve whatever ends they are trying to achieve. If OEA wishes collaboration to achieve mutual goals, this certainly is NOT the way to go about it.
Did Mr. Leibensperger answer the question? Of course not. In typical OEA fashion, he did the OEA Dance, where they like to do a cute little 'dance' around the questions/issues, depending on whom they are talking to, instead of addressing and clearing up any questions (their favorite tactic is to change the subject). Not cool, in my estimation; and certainly not professional, considering the positions and salaries of OEA executives such as Mr. Leibensperger.
I would like to say something on behalf of the OEA-endorsed candidates for STRS Board, however. THEY answer their e-mails; and I know one of them does not avoid answering questions directly. THEY have my respect for that much, particularly Mark Meuser, who is an excellent communicator. Keep up the good work, Mark. Maybe there's hope for OEA yet.
Kathie Bracy
Larry KehresMount Union Collge
Division III
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