Thursday, March 09, 2006

RH Jones’ speech before the STRS Board, March 9, 2006

Good afternoon. My name is Robert Hudson Jones, a professional teacher, who happens to be retired. Currently, I represent CORE and serve on the legislative committee of the SummitCRTA. I have over 33 years of service, having retired in 1986. Over those 20 years of retirement, I thank STRS for having my checks on time, and for the precedent-setting Bill 190 that raised my base, albeit not as much as the more recent retirees’. And many thanks for the excellent return the investment staff, directed by Dr. Asbury, gained for us this last quarter.

However, as you all know, I serve not as a “rubber stamp” retiree representative; but rather, one who represents honestly the real thinking of retired members; one who helps make positive changes that improve and maintain benefits for retirees. Keeping matters from getting worse is a positive thing to do – fighting bad policies can be the most constructive thing to do. Board members and STRS employees, for us retired professionals, you have to do the right thing, and have to do the thing right. Surely, reasonable thinking persons would agree.

In a related matter, Dr. Asbury, sir, three weeks ago I drafted a letter to you of extreme importance for some retired members. It had a carbon copy to my State Representative, Bob Otterman, who happens to be a retired STRS member, as well. With that issue, I do not wish to go public at this time. I trust in you, that in good faith, and with moral trepidation, you will come through for us retired members who were slighted and may have just been overlooked.

To conclude, as I stood before this board years ago, I quoted General MacArthur. Today, I quote him in part: Old soldiers never die. Dr. Asbury, sir, this soldier will not: just fade away. Rather, he awaits a positive correction of the oversight mentioned in my letter.

Thank you for allotting me this time to address you all.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Hudson Jones

Larry KehresMount Union Collge
Division III
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