Tuesday, March 14, 2006

RH Jones: Electronic meetings will save time, money and maybe lives

March 14, 2006
To all:

Justine Bachman of the Associated Press reports that: "
A survey suggests that they rank among the most inefficient exercises we perform. The typical weekly staff meeting lasts 50 minutes, with people in the survey saying they probably could shave 16 minutes from the total if they could eliminate the inefficiencies.
The 130 responses included workers in a range of organizations, from Intel Corp. to the U.S. Navy, to George Washington University. The survey was conducted between November and January for Group Systems Corp., a software company based in Broomfield, Colo

This backs up my thoughts that I expressed to the CORE Group and Ann Hanning at the CORE meeting this March. Lets do our meetings at CORE, ORTA, OEA, OEA-R, OFT, NEOEA, NEOEA-R , and at the STRS, electronically saving both time and money. I have been advocating this for years; ever since 5-teachers die in a car wreck going to an NEOTA meeting several years back. Retired and active teachers know how wasteful staff and administrative meetings were, and still are.

STRS, NEA, OEA, AFT and all other groups would benefit by curtailing the expenses of trips. The money saved is most certainly needed in these difficult times for education in America.

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