Sunday, March 05, 2006

What you need to know about this blog

Many people have caught on to how blogs work, and how to find posts on particular topics or by particular people. But for those who may be new to it, I would like to explain a little about it, in order to make navigation a little easier.
There is only so much room on a page for posts, after which they get crowded off the page and automatically deposited into that week's archives. You will find links to all the archives in the sidebar on the right. In order to keep certain posts (announcements, etc.) at the top for a while, I have to postdate them, which is why you see dates there that haven't occurred yet. Otherwise, posts move down the page as new posts are added. It works differently from a regular website in that I cannot control where items are placed, other than manipulating the dates as I sometimes do.
Other than finding an article in the archives, or by scrolling down the page if it was posted fairly recently, there is one more way to look for it. In the top left corner of the page is a little white box, a search engine for this blog (also for other people's blogs, depending on what you click on). When I use this feature, I try to use key words that are likely to appear in the article(s) I'm looking for, but not a whole lot of others, in order to limit the number of responses it pulls up.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I welcome comments and suggestions, as well as your editorial contributions. Have fun exploring!
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