Monday, August 13, 2007

RH Jones: Even more for STRS to worry about

From RH Jones, August 12, 2007
Yet even more for STRS to worry about.
To all:
Dr. K. Fluke, VP of the SummitCRTA & Leg. Chair, (& a Charter Member of CORE) reported to me: "An economics report from Barrington, Vermont, says that a bill has just been passed in Washington mandating that the STRS will now have to report to the federal government how much each pension system has to pay into HC funding. This data will then become public domain..."
Personally, my opinion is: Again, I say, I can hardly wait until election day when I can, with my one vote, help to retire these misguided politicians. Now, will STRS OH have to further drain our funds by having to hire more people to tally & report all the school district and teacher HC contributions required to be sent to Washington? Why should this be a concern of Washington's. If Ohio's teachers did not want retirement HC/Rx, they would have negotiated those funds with their school districts into their salaries. Is that Washington's business? I wonder!
RHJones, SummitCRTA Leg. CMTE & a very proud member of CORE
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