Monday, October 22, 2007

A sample message from RH Jones: HB 315 committee member reps. post cards

To all:

HB 315 committee member reps. post cards

The following is a hand-written $0.26 post card message that I have mailed today to each of the 23-house committee members regarding the HB 315 retired teacher health care package. Since it fits perfectly on the postcard, you may want to use it as a guide. You certainly have my permission to do so. Please mail your cards or letters as quickly as possible. This must get out of committee and back on the house floor.

To the Honorable Rep. John Q. Public: 10-22-07

Please support HB 315. With a good retired educator health care package, the best educators will be attracted to Ohio. Thus, it is a win-win situation for all Ohio citizens: the children get better teachers; and, with the resulting better-educated citizens, the public business climate is improved.


Mr. Robert H. Jones, a retired STRS member

(Also have your spouse sign it! Two signatures are better than one.)

This HB 315 is EXTREMELY important for Ohio for all the reasons mentioned in the message. It is a modest step forward but will greatly benefit Ohio. The modest 2.5% employer increase has shown to be, due to inflation creeping in the dollar, cost neutral. Everyone wins on this wonderfully crafted HB 315 sponsored by a farsighted and Honorable Rep. Scott Oelslager.

This is my learned opinion,

RHJones, a retired Master of Education, Kent State Univ. 1960

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