Saturday, November 03, 2007

Union County RTA to STRS Board: Play your watchdog role and pass Dr. Leone's motion

From David Speicher, November 3, 2007
Subject: Dennis Leone's tabled STRS motion
To the STRS Board:
I'm writing on behalf of the Union County Retired Teachers Association (UCRTA). At its regular meeting November 2, 2007, the UCRTA unanimously passed a motion to strongly urge the STRS Board to take off the table Dennis Leone's motion as of October 19, 2007, to limit the ability of the STRS Executive Director to establish, on his own, STRS employee compensation and fringe benefits without STRS Board approval, in an open meeting. And to pass this motion during the November STRS Board's meetings.
It is our belief that the STRS Executive Director has clear policy guidelines on the extent of his authority in these matters and he should not continually test or exceed his authority.
The STRS Board needs to play the "watchdog" role more effectively and affirm their responsibility in supervising the spending of retirees' money.
The members of the UCRTA will be looking at your vote, with the expectation that you will publicly support Dr. Leone's motion to safeguard retirees' funds.
Thank you.
David Speicher
Chm. Legislative Committee
Union County Retired Teachers Association

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