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CORE meeting March 19

From CORE, March 1, 2009

CORE (Concerned Ohio Retired Educators) will hold its March meeting on Thursday, Mar. 19th at the STRS Building at 275 East Broad Street in Columbus. Parking is free in the STRS parking garage behind the building. We encourage you to also attend the STRS meeting which usually begins around 9:00 a.m. on Thursday in the meeting room on the 6th floor but this beginning time varies from month to month. Lately the meetings have been held most of the day on Friday as well as Thursday. For this reason, we encourage you to check the STRS website ( to confirm the time. CORE meeting attendees usually leave the STRS meeting around 11:30 in order to go to the cafeteria on the 2nd floor to get our lunches. We then take our lunches to the small cafeteria room behind the Sublett Room on the 2nd floor of the STRS building where the CORE meeting will begin promptly at 11:45.

If you have suggestions for the March CORE meeting agenda, please let John Curry know ( He will relay this information to CORE President, Dave Parshall, for consideration.

This March CORE meeting will be important as those members in attendance will be deciding ways we can support the three endorsed STRS Board candidates based on CORE's current resources. Please plan to attend and participate in this most important decision-making process. Invite a friend. Pick up a new supply of CORE's new pamphlet to share with others. Visitors are always welcome!

If you cannot attend the STRS meetings, please phone Laura Ecklar at STRS at 614-227-4077 or email her at ecklarl@strsoh.orgto request the recorded CDs of the STRS meetings which she will send to you.
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