Thursday, March 05, 2009

Minutes of the Thursday, Feb. 19, 2009 C.O.R.E. Meeting

President Dave Parshall opened the February 19th meeting at noon in the Sublet Room of the STRS Building in Columbus. Twenty Concerned Ohio Retired Educator (CORE) members were in attendance at this monthly meeting.

President Dave explained the slightly revamped procedure for minutes to be: written by the secretary; checked over by the president; then sent to John Curry for dissemination to the membership. Ryan Holderman moved for the procedure to be approved. After a second by Carole DePaola, the motion passed.

Treasurer Herman Fisher reported that the balance in the CORE fund is $6805.41 currently. Herman also advised the group that former treasurer’s name, C.J. Myers will continue to receive the monthly bank statements and be a back up. She also will be checking our old post office until June.

There were no committee reports, but there was a brief discussion of the $10 yearly dues, from Sept. to Sept.

Jim Stoll, an active teacher candidate from Sycamore (Cincinnati area), addressed the members. He declared his concern about bonuses, raises, and the future of STRS, as well as its benefits. His interest in the board is not only for himself, as he edges toward retirement, but also for his daughter, who is now at the start of her teaching career in Ohio. Stoll is currently an athletic director and has been involved in coaching throughout his teaching years. He also runs a successful business, Pro Camp.

Stoll has already garnered the required number of signatures for his petition; now he is seeking support and help from CORE in getting the word out about his candidacy. (Stoll expressed concern about Dennis Leone’s departure this year and the void that could leave in the board.)

After Stoll’s address, Parshall stated that retirees certainly do need a straight shooter as an active STRS Board member. He expressed hope that if Stoll were to get on the Board, he’d be a fair, honest broker.

Parshall suggested that CORE should back the three candidates (Jim McGreevy and Bob Stein, retirees, and Jim Stoll, active) who cared enough to come and speak to the group. Herman Fisher moved to support the three candidates, Marie Fetters seconded it; the motion unanimously passed. Nancy Hamant followed up the motion by suggesting we flood the state with literature by handing out material at our local R.T.A. meetings, We could also place information on the CORE web site and create an e-mail campaign, too.

President Dave briefly discussed the meeting he and Marie Fetters had with Michael Nehf, executive director. Parshall reiterated that we must be factual with the information we send. It’s imperative that we try to refrain from making erroneous statements and remarks that could end up hurting the credibility and usefulness of our group. Dave stressed that our voice needs to be heard now more than ever. .

Before President Dave adjourned the meeting at 12:45, he reminded the members that health care must be our focus!
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