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OEA salaries - latest Dept. of Labor posting, November 2009

From John Curry, November 29, 2009
Below is a summary of the OEA salaries as reported to the U.S. Dept. of Labor from their website. This posting was presented to the U.S. Dept. of Labor in November of 2009 and covers a time period from 9/1/2008- 8/31/2009. Just as public school educators' salaries are public domain, the salaries of the OEA associates are also public domain. I have listed all salaries from $60,000 to $100,000. There are some less than 60K but this may or may not be due to a part time position or a person who was hired during this time period or resigned during this time period or....could just be a salary lower than 60K.
Following this listing of salaries from 60K to 100K will be a listing of OEA salaries over 100K.
John Curry
If you wish to access the full report please follow this procedure:
1. Go to this page (this link opens in a new window):
2. Enter this employer number: 512-490 in the box listed as "File Number."
3. Click the "Submit" button. Now, here's the summary. Please note the term "LRC" listed as a job description - this stands for Labor Relations Consultant....the OEA people that you probably see when they visit your school. These names/salaries can be found listed on schedules 11 & 12 of the U.S. Dept. of Labor document should you decide to click on the link above and do your own search. I have left out the dollar signs. These figures are from column (D)
Gross Salary Disbursements (before any deductions).

60K to 100K
63,713 Austin, Jolynn Staff Accountant I
75,780 Barbu, Alexandru CIS Consultant
60,930 Bartlo, Llynn Admin Secretary II
79,713 Boerger, Katherine LRC
67,131 Botz, Gail Communications Technician
71,763 Brooks, Lisa Executive Asst-Counsel
79,365 Castorano, Richard Exec Asst Member Services
65,296 Chute, Danielle Staff Accountant II
94,176 Clay, Airica LRC
60,889 Cline, Cathy Admin Secretary II
79,468 Colbeck, Tad LRC
62,342 Colyer, Shelley Admin Secretary II
60,501 Crumrine, Margaret Admin Secretary II
62,453 Davis, Elaine Admin Secretary II
89,248 Day, Daniel LRC
60,565 Doubledee, Arlene Admin Assistant
79,478 Elias, Dawn Executive Assistant H/R
61,201 Facchiano, Joyce Admin Secretary II
69,806 Gallagher, Kathleen Admin Assistant
60,713 Gonzalez, Sandra Admin Secretary II
83,267 Jackson, Schalet LRC
80,000 Jaeck, Todd LRC
60,756 Johanson, Barbara Admin Secretary II
74,587 Johnson, Patricia LRC
61,667 Jones, Esther Admin Secretary II
71,681 Kaliszak, Teresa Membership Accounting
76,132 Kappes, John Computer Tech Support
91,432 Keller, Rosemarie Manager Legal Services
64,055 Kelm, Linda Membership Specialist
77,301 Kennedy, Diedri LRC
76,273 Kidwell, Sally Staff Accountant II
99,888 Kovach, Gary LRC
72,858 Lehman, Susan Education Reform Consultant
61,837 Lester, Donna Admin Secretary II
60,834 Marcum, Donnie Admin Secretary II
88,970 Maynard, Deborah LRC
79,744 Mueller, Daniel LRC
60,699 Narin, Lori Admin Secretary II
60,320 Nelson, Judy Admin Secretary II
81,576 Newgard, Kerri LRC
60,867 Obrien, Sharon Admin Secretary II
86,265 Odonnell, Tina Executive Assistant
62,104 Phillips, Crystalle Admin Secretary II
60,251 Picker, Barbara Admin Secretary II
60,280 Puterbaugh, Debra Admin Secretary II
74,129 Quesada, Dinica Education Reform Cons
89,186 Radel, Samuel LRC
78,758 Ray, Patricia LRC
61,261 Reed, Phyllis Admin Secretary II
64,541 Roberts, Deborah Administrative Assistant
60,652 Rosa, Miriam Admin Secretary II
99,369 Rumsey, Lora LRC
62,422 Sekella, Beverly Exec Asst Workforce Plan
67,613 Simonini, Laura Research Technician
60,846 Smith, Peggy Admin Secretary II
61,091 Starcher, Connie Admin Secretary II
93,095 Thomas, Anne LRC
61,918 Thompson, Angela Admin Secretary II
76,924 Townley, Renee LRC
89,111 Tufaro, Dolores LRC
84,656 Volz-Costell, Jerrilyn Mgr Administrative Svcs
84,314 Watson, Diana LRC
85,024 Webster, Michelle Staff Accountant II
84,464 Whitney, Theresa LRC
61,179 Wilson, Jada Administrative Assistant
90,593 Winship, Michele Education Reform Cons
84,916 Wittemire, Leroy Exec Asst Business Svc
78,768 Yevincy, Amy LRC
62,394 Young, Alice Admin Secretary II
- - - - -
100K Plus
173,802 Brooks, Patricia President
149,156 Leibensperger, William Vice President
150,340 Timlin, James Secretary Treasurer
123,876 Allison, Mark CIS Consultant
101,706 Avouris, John LRC
144,130 Babcock, Susan AED Strategic/workforce
122,293 Bayou, Ann LRC
122,341 Bell-Gombita, Marla LRC
122,266 Bibler, Tim LRC
122,280 Biddle, Susan LRC
135,004 Bird, Rodney LRC
116,399 Blanden, Lee LRC
123,438 Bozovich, George LRC
122,269 Busby, Robin LRC
122,198 Carlisle, Gary LRC
122,533 Chandler-Marks, Elizabeth LRC
107,714 Chanfrau, Graciela Director - HR
121,940 Chavez, Peggy LRC
116,584 Clark, Melissa Lobbyist
132,168 Clum, Darren CIS Consultant
122,299 Cohagen, Joseph Director Accounting
135,971 Collins-Murdoc, Patricia Director Region 1
118,734 Cooper, Jeanette Director Region 4
116,215 Costantino, Mark LRC
122,274 Crawford, Douglas LRC
122,237 Dalton, Donald LRC
110,107 Davis, Demetrice Education Reform Consultant
116,055 Davis, Robert Lobbyist
122,185 Davis, Vicky LRC
115,734 Dotson, Matthew Lobbyist
104,650 Elling, Betty LRC
130,420 Fekete, Fritz Director I/S & Research
123,818 Field, Ruth LRC
118,697 Fiely, Linda General Counsel
140,775 Flanagan, Kevin AED Member Services - Field
130,241 Flora, Randall Director EI & I
127,282 Gascon, Gregg Research Consultant
116,272 Grafton, John LRC
127,215 Graham, Stuart CIS Consultant
122,369 Harris, Russell Education Reform Cons
114,453 Hart, Jonathan CIS Consultant
114,321 Holub, Donald Research Consultant
122,139 Howell, Lynette LRC
122,252 Hutchins, Talmadge LRC
124,376 Jewell, Paul Research Consultant
122,293 Johnson, Charles LRC
126,652 Johnson, Rachelle AED Member Services - Progr
122,369 Jones, Jan LRC
123,510 Joseph, Bonnie Political Consultant
122,293 Jowhar, Thomas LRC
122,214 Kaszar, Suzanne LRC
135,377 Kestner, Jeffrey LRC
104,627 Kirkwood, Amber LRC
122,233 Kubiske, Annette LRC
129,109 Lane, Kimberley LRC
124,023 Leidy, Chloann LRC
112,305 Linder, Mark LRC
122,247 Lindsey, Linda LRC
116,953 Lobert-Edmo, Lavonne LRC
122,263 Mahoney, Michael Director Communications
122,596 Marchese, Victor LRC
151,046 Martin, James AED Business Services
123,191 Matkowski, Robert LRC
122,286 May, Linda LRC
104,546 McEacheron, Michael LRC
122,250 McMurray, Bonnie LRC
110,329 Messer, Darlene LRC
122,210 Messer, Donald LRC
122,283 Miller, Diane LRC
122,292 Miller, Timothy LRC
108,530 Miller, Vickie LRC
123,959 Munoz-Nedrow, Cristina Director Region 5
122,319 Musilli, Henry LRC
128,132 Nelson, Alfred LRC
125,772 Newhall, Julie Editor
116,210 Nolasco, Jefrey LRC
128,163 Norris, Parry Director Region 2
110,377 Oconnell-Burt, Kathleen LRC
122,206 Otten, William LRC
129,562 Pearson, William LRC
125,086 Peterson, Cynthia Education Reform Cons
110,034 Pipe, Herman LRC
121,752 Prater, Michelle Communications Cons
113,157 Rapp, Ronald Director Governmental SVC
194,799 Reardon, Dennis Executive Director
122,310 Reimund, Marci LRC
122,293 Renaud, Thomas LRC
129,416 Saad, Sheila LRC
121,759 Shoulders, Venita LRC
100,460 Slaughter, Rebecca Mgr Governance Relations
122,257 Smolik, Carrie LRC
123,628 Squires, Jerry LRC
122,304 Stephenson, Edward LRC
135,291 Suchy, Mary Director of Membership
116,224 Terman, Melodie LRC
124,283 Tieman, Diane LRC
110,319 Trapp, Helen LRC
122,286 Turner, Patricia Research Consultant
104,895 Urban, Eric LRC
122,175 Villamagna, Rebecca LRC
123,032 Weldon, Cecelia LRC
168,864 Wicks, Larry Executive Director
122,372 Williams, Donald LRC
110,245 Wing, Debra LRC
131,716 Young, Norman LRC
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