Monday, December 14, 2009

Tim Myers: Allegations without documentation -- against Dr. Leone

From Kathie Bracy, December 14, 2009
Subject: Your letter today

Tim, I'm very much bothered by some things you said in your letter to Jan Scagnetti, as you are making serious allegations without providing any documentation whatsoever. As a college graduate, educator and especially as an OEA-supported, elected STRS Board member, I would like to think you are far more intelligent than that. Please don't disappoint me.
The documentation I need from you:
1. A list of all the reasons you believe Dennis Leone "hates OEA and ORTA"
2. A list of all the things you are saying he made up
3. An explanation of your comment about his last statement and all the reasons you believe it is "complete nonsense."
I'm sure your English Comp professors impressed on you the absolute necessity of documenting everything you wrote for their courses, but yet you did not do this in your letter today. Please do so now: spell out exactly why you have made these allegations so I can confront Dr. Leone with them. I would like to get to the bottom of this.
Thank you.
Kathie Bracy
From Tim Myers, December 14, 2009
Thanks Janet,
You are correct. They can't let the past go...even if the retelling gets farther and farther from the truth. Dennis Leone so hates OEA and ORTA, for what ever reason, and just makes things up. His last statement is true, but not for the reasons he gives. We don't understand it because it is complete nonsense!
From Janet Scagnetti, December 14, 2009
Subject: Fw: OEA Credibility Factor of Zero
This was sent to me, and though most of it is true to an extent, many people in the 'heyday' responded the same way. That is the reason the US is where it is today. But nothing lasts forever and here we are today. We can't undo the past, but one would hope that we could learn something from and decide for yourself.

Click here for Dennis Leone: OEA Credibility Factor of Zero]
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