Monday, January 04, 2010

To those who doubted that OPERS planned ahead while STRS did not re: healthcare...

From John Curry, January 4, 2010 might want to read this chart from the Dayton Daily News:
(Click image to enlarge)
Let's see...OPERS has less than twice the number of retirees as does STRS (209,000 vs. 115,590) but has almost 4 times the monies set aside for healthcare for their retirees as does STRS ($11.2 billion vs. STRS's 2.9 billion) for their respective retirees. Of course, STRS was busy funding the 35/88% payout (that no other system could afford) while OPERS took care of health care for future retirees, didn't they? Well, look where we are now!
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